The petition to legally recognize non-binary genders expired because it did not reach 100,000 signatures in time.


This post has more notes than the petition has signatures. Which means people who are reblogging this are not signing it. DON’T JUST REBLOG. SIGN.

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please sign this petition  to recognize nonbinary genders please this is about my rights and my friends’ rights and so many other people’s rights

if you dont sign it or have already signed it at least reblog it spread it please even if your blog isn’t like that even if you are cisgender or binary transgender please please

we have one day to get 50K signatures please  i’m actually begging you 

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Paul Wesley GIF Hunt 

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» A message from spunkransom-rph:

Hey, I used to watch the David Tennant and Christopher Eccelstone doctor who and I was wondering what's wrong with moffat? I've recently heard he's mean but I have no idea what's going on xD


Oh, gosh, I love Nine and Ten. My doctors <3

(I’m gonna get slightly ranty, sorry.)

Essentially, I watched quite a few interviews with Moffat, and he’s been saying loads of very obviously sexist stuff - that women are needy, that the twelfth doctor needs to be strong and therefore can’t be female, that pregnancy is horrific and men shouldn’t have to deal with it (that men shouldn’t have to deal with it! honestly!), that he shags his way around the studio, etc, etc.

So I went back and watched a few episodes from Eleven’s run to see what I thought. And holy crap, it’s been there the whole time Moffat’s been writing - Eleven slut-shames Amy and victim-blames River and ogles Clara and sexually harrasses a married lesbian and doesn’t feel bad about it even after she slaps him. And a million other things. The female characters’ personalities are inconsistent; they’re relegated to whatever role Moffat thinks will help further the male characters’ development arcs. And then there’s Sherlock, which isn’t quite as bad, but still - remember Irene Adler? The Woman who nearly beats Sherlock? She loses because she’s blinded by love - which would be fine, I suppose, but on top of that, Sherlock rescues her later in the stupidest way possible, in a situation she should’ve been able to get herself out of. And when asked about her in an interview, Moffat claims: “Women are needy.”

The sexism in these shows is like the subliminal penis in Fight Club. It’s there, but a lot of teenagers aren’t going to recognise exactly what they’re seeing when they watch the show. It’s embedded sexist propaganda. And the viewership is so wide, so many people are affected by this and so many of them are teenage girls who are insecure about themselves to begin with, or teenage boys who already aren’t sure how to behave toward women, that Moffat’s contributions to rape culture and sexism in general just make me really, really angry.

So yeah. Sorry for the rant, but I feel that this issue is important.

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I honestly do think that morally, Stephen Moffat is a plague on society. Like really. He’s an actual awful person.

And while I don’t necessarily think that Matt Smith and everyone else who took part in the monstrosity that is Moffat’s Doctor Who are bad people (to say nothing of the Sherlock cast), I do think they are at fault as well. Everyone who ever has anything to do with Moffat, and who has not questioned his outrageous beliefs, who has willingly done this to society, and to the countless young people who watch the show, frankly, I can’t respect any of them. And the fandoms themselves are toeing the line as well.

I’m just angry and like? I guess it’s fine if you like this bullshit or whatever, like if you think the special effects are pretty and the dialogue’s clever, but please, think about what you’re watching.

(I’m not usually this preachy, oops.)

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"There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting for husbands."

Steven Moffat (via mediotutissimusibis)

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» A message from Anonymous:

Why do you hate Eleven?


man it’s super late but i basically boils down to 

  • i’m not a fan of the doctor behaving like a complete child
  • not bothering to find amy’s baby
  • not telling amy about being pregnant
  • brainwashing humanity to murder for him
  • stalking clara/not telling her he’s met her twice before
  • effectively murdering oswin by leaving her to die in the explosion he enables by removing the defences and not taking her with him just because her mind is trapped in a metal tank
  • murdering dozens of coma patients by exploding the spaceship without even thinking about rescuing them
  • not a fan of a character who is constantly lying and who i can’t trust as a viewer
  • i didn’t realise this for ages, but the way he spits out food and water onto amelia’s floor, and throws/smashes china plates- like oh my god little 7 year old amelia is going to have clear that up you asshole?
  • letting river take the fall for his murder so that he can remain ‘in the shadows’, while she spends her life locked up in a cell
  • phrases like ‘humany wumany’ and ‘explodey wodey’
  • the constant twirling
  •  ’——- are cool’
  • him cutting himself off from humanity and literally sulking in a cloud because his friends are happy together (and totally able to seem him again tbqh), after he failed to manipulate amy into staying with him
  • talking down to people, calling them stupid (strax for example)
  • sexually assaulting rory
  • sexually assaulting a married queer woman and not apologising when she slaps him.
  • making boner movements with various phallic objects
  • acting sexually aware one minute (wrt river, leering at clara’s bum) and then the next he’s flailing like a kid when he’s being kissed and not understanding that craig is implying sex or that amy and rory are having sex
  • acting like he’s never been on earth before and not understanding human customs (somewhat limited to the craig episodes which is why i don’t like them)
  • sick of stories centering on his importance to the universe
  • forcing river to break her wrist and screaming at her, despite the fact that they could have just written the line about it being broken in the book, but not gone ahead with it irl
  • sniggering behind clara’s back when she accuses him of thinking women can’t drive
  • his reply ‘it’s a woman’ and facial expression to the monk
  • forcing his friends to witness his ‘death’ and to think he’s dead for god knows how long
  • when rory crashes the TARDIS because he was distracted by looking up amy’s skirt, instead of telling rory to pay more attention, he tells amy to put some trousers on
  • how he’s constantly running from his darkest day, or his darkest hour and rising up higher than before and falling father than before and omg stop being so dramatic
  •  Ah, well, she’s been brainwashed. It all makes sense to her. Plus, she is a woman.’
there’s probably more but it’s 2am
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Theme one - Never Trust a Duck - by isharoleplays

please like or reblog if using

  • 350 x 755 sidebar
  • four custom links
  • please do not steal
  • message me if you have any problems
  • once again, please like or reblog if you use because it’ll make me feel really happy to see this being used

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Okay so SOPA is back, guys. This time it’s trying to make streaming copyrighted material a felony. Do you know what that means? It means you can be charged and even do jail time for

  • Making fanart
  • Covering a song
  • If there’s a song on on the background of a video, it still counts
  • Writing fanfiction 

There’s a petition to stop it from happening, and it still needs 82,000 signatures so please sign it here

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